Maiden Voyage

Welcome to my new website. You’re thinking, “Beck, you don’t have an old website.”

The last time I was smart.
The last time I was smart.

To that I say, “Old is not a prerequisite for new, and don’t be an asshole, whoever you are.”

I’m turning 40 this year (I know, I look about five in that photo. Wear sunscreen), and I’m trying to keep the promises I make to myself, including the promise to write more. Not blog posts (when I’ve blogged in the past, it’s been self-indulgent drivel), but actual fiction works, large and small (self-indulgent drivel that is also false).

I write mostly horror stories, although “dark fiction” is probably a better description. I like ordinary people in ordinary scenarios that turn un-ordinary.

So thus, I begin. I’m starting with this post and a couple of links to my recent publications (of which there are few, and by few, I mean a couple, and by a couple, I mean two). But it’s something. It’s more than I had five years ago.

Good luck, me.

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