The Void: A Philadelphia Viewing Experience on the Horizon

“There is a Hell. This is Worse.”

So I got some tickets to see The Void. VOID TICKETS, Y’ALL

I’ve been following the development of The Void, a body horror/Lovecraftian hellscape, since not long after it appeared on Twitter. <–very grammatical sentence

Nice Poster!
Nice Poster!

The very short version of the DL on The Void is that horror dudes (hordes?) Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie wrote a gory script and then crowdfunded the FX. The result is, by all accounts, pretty awesome, and it’s been making the festival circuit rounds over the past year or so.

The gist of the plot is thus: a cop on patrol spots a bloody person limping up the road; when they go to the hospital, they discover that the staff and patients are transforming in a gross fashion into gross things, and our plucky officer must lead a band of survivors into the pits of… the hospital to get to the bottom of things. The poster promises tentacles; the trailer promises that and more, including bleeding, twitching, screaming, and some kind of cult.

After much anticipation on my part, the film is finally being released in its final form, and it’s playing at PhilaMOCA on April 5 at 7:30pm. I bought two tickets knowing I could convince my Friend in Fearseeking, Ashley, to go with me if I told her I had already bought a ticket and if I promised it would be better than Baskin (no, I didn’t like Baskin, and neither did she, and we were bored, I’m not going to argue about the massive disappointment I felt from the experience).

I’ll give my thoughts after I watch it. For now, I’m pretty pumped.

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