When I’m Reading, I’m Working

I haven’t written anything in about a week as far as my fiction goes. “But Beck,” you say. “I thought you said you were going to write more.”

I did say that.

“Yeah, and you also said you were going to write here.”

Yeah, I said that, too.

“But you haven’t posted anything here since–”


Seriously, I’ve actually been reading a lot the past week. Short stories and whatnot. A lot of writers or folks who want to be writers  have forgotten (or never learned?) that the best way to be a decent writer is to read. Read a lot of things, read different genres, read different styles. Learn what you like and what you don’t. Learn characterization and grammar and how to build tension and how to make people sad. Writing takes practice, but it also takes observation.

So when I’m sitting on the sofa with my Kindle for four hours, I’m WORKING. Get off my back.

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