I Saw the Void! (The Movie, not the Actual Void)

So Ashley and I went and saw The Void this evening at PhilaMOCA, and it was pretty dope. I made a rambling video discussing my feelings, in which I looked at the camera as seldom as possible, and wouldn’t stop turning my chair and engaging in all the tics that make me so annoying. But I’m not going to upload it here, because they only let you do that if you pay for a better plan than I have, and you know what, WordPress? Fuck you.

We went to McDonald’s first, FYI, and I suppose it would’ve been weird if we’d gone afterward, because of all the mutated tentacle goop monsters and whatnot. In the movie, not at McDonald’s.

Short version: Body horror, gore gore gore, eye stabbings, gross creatures, screaming Knives Chau (I can’t remember her character’s name, but Ellen Wong is in this movie), cultists in white robes who move in tandem, black triangles, tentacles, folks gone mad with grief, pregnant bellies, exploding guts, face skinning, sad grandpas, rituals, sad meth heads. If that’s your bag, go see it.

Really short version: Go see it. It’s a cool-ass movie.

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