I Didn’t Want You Anyway. Also, Bullet Journals (Mullet Journals?).

So a few new but uninteresting-to-anyone-but-me things happened this week.

  1. I got rejected by The Dark. Not THE DARK, as in the breathing black space that haunts closets everywhere, but the horror magazine. Rejection Game Strong thus far. Still waiting for DarkFuse, Pseudopod and Apex to tell me to fuck off.
  2. I have two weeks’ worth of laundry to do. I’m doing it now.
  3. I learned about something called Bullet Journals today. Apparently it’s been around for a few years, but I’m just now hearing about it, because that’s how my life goes. I tried it out for work (my real job, not the writing business), and I actually found it helpful. I’m not going to explain it to you. Google it.
  4. I might try to start a new journal fad called Mullet Journals. The front of the journal will be for work stuff, and the back will be recipes for margaritas and the rules for different types of beer pong.

So that’s it. Just making myself write a blog post.


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