“It’s an Honor Just to be Nominated” Part 2: REJECTED. Plus, Hallucinogens.

I finally got my anticipated rejection from Apex Magazine earlier this week. Now I need to figure out A) what’s wrong with the story, and B) where to send it to next. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen until this weekend, because you know what, turds, I have a job.

I also need to write a new short story. I’m trying to think of ideas. Writing is hard. Why am I doing this, again?

In other news, I struggled my way through two whole paragraphs of my novel this past weekend. Maybe this coming weekend, I can finish that chapter and struggle my way through two whole paragraphs of another chapter. We can hope.

I need to find inspiration or something. Maybe I’ll go eat peyote and sit in a sweat lodge. What could go wrong?

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