Long Time, No See. You’ve Changed So Much. Here’s What Happened…

So I haven’t written anything in a while; there are several reasons for that. 1) I’ve actually been traveling and doing stuff, which is weird for me; 2) I have a job, losers; and 3) I’m lazy.

So far I’ve just been rejected across the board, although Pseudopod sent me a personal rejection and told me it was a close call, giving me the reasons why they didn’t choose it and inviting me to submit something else when they reopen. That felt pretty good. I do like listening to their stories. It’d be nice to hear one of mine. Still no word from DarkFuse, but I think things got a little behind with the Shane Staley transition, and also, they don’t owe me shit.

Back to that “job, losers” thing… it’s been difficult for me lately to get in the mood to write. I write all day at work, because I’m a lawyer. I know many people think that lawyers’ days must consist of standing in courtrooms and yelling, pointing at the smoking gun, making witnesses cry and double billing our clients because we’re greedy and mean. I’m sure that’s how some lawyers’ days go, but it’s not the norm.

People when I talk about my job.

In the first place, I’m not a criminal attorney, so there’s way less courtroom yelling and absolutely zero guns (although occasionally there is a figurative smoking gun). I do commercial litigation. I sue people who don’t repay their business loans. I write briefs about finance leases and the enforceability of personal guaranties. I go to court and talk about default rates of interest and security agreements and the SBA. Very sexy. All the same, like most law jobs, it’s actually pretty mentally taxing, and so at the end of the day, I don’t really feel much like trying to plot out a story. I want to absorb other people’s work at that point. I want to read books and watch television and stop thinking.

But here I am, almost August, the day before Harry Potter’s birthday. Writing in this blog helps me get started with writing other things, so I did this first.

So what am I up to? That’s the $2.47 question.1 I have a novel to work on, but I also really want to write a short story. That’s the thing about having an executive functions disorder… I never know where to start. The fact that I came here and did this first is a source of pride for me, because I kind of thought it through. I guess the next thing I’m going to do is make a To Do list.

I’ll be back.

1. Raise your hand if you tried to figure out the original price of this question before tax in your state.

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