Long Time, No See

Beck procrastinates. What a surprise.

Looks like I haven’t written anything here since April, which to my shock and terror (Birdemic!) was four months ago. I’ve been really busy with my big kid job, and with being sort of miserable, but I’m trying to get back on the creativity bus.

I have actually worked on some fiction since April, believe it or not. I don’t like any of it, and I haven’t submitted anything anywhere. I have three finished pieces that I feel are fine but not ready for primetime. I’m a little gunshy, I think, since I keep getting rejected.

“But Beck,” you say. “I thought the idea was that you were going to submit things and get rejected, because everyone gets rejected, and you have to get used to the idea.”

Yeah, I know what I said. So… here I am. This is a boring post, but I need to write it so I can change gears.

Gears changed. /fin

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