And Another Month Goes By.

So now it’s been another month since my last post, which was about how I hadn’t posted in four months. I think it was about some other stuff, too, but it was so boring I stopped caring.

So today, I’m at Steap and Grind in Fishtown, and I just sat down with my blueberry crumble and tea, and I have to write a story because it’s my turn to submit something to my writing group. This is why having a group is important for procrastinators… accountability. But I will get something done today. She said, as she did everything but what she was supposed to do.

In other news, I’ve submitted to one anthology, and I want to submit to Artemis Rising on Pseudopod, except that the story I want to submit is with that anthology. Pseudopod normally allows simultaneous submissions, but not for this particular call. So I have to write something else.

This is just as well, since I probably spent too much time being anal retentive over the other one. The thing is that I know I’ll get rejected from that anthology, but my piece is kind of hostage until I hear so. But, as my friend Ryan liked to say, with nothing but irony, “dem’s da berries”. Sidenote: this phrase was found in the instruction for a board game we were playing, and we both thought it was so stupid, and no one ever says it, and I hate it, and I think he hated it, too.

And that’s it! Bet you’re glad you read all the way to the end! That’s 1 minute of your life that I have stolen from you. You’re welcome.


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