Back Again so Soon?

Yes, I am back again, so soon. Two days in a row of using this as a crutch to get me going.

I did have a very productive day yesterday, though, after I wrote my last post. I punched up a few things and I submitted three different stories to two different places (Shock Totem Magazine and Bad Dream Entertainment). I submitted to Martian Migraine Press again earlier this year for their annual anthology; still haven’t heard back, although the submission period is now over, so I suspect I’ll get my “fuck you” sometime in January.

Still. Rejection’s part of the game, y’all.

I’m revising a story that I’ve submitted a few places and gotten personally rejected twice, once by Apex and once by PseudoPod. I think it’s good, but it’s not quite good enough, so I’m trying to make it… quite good enough, I guess.

Back to it.



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