Things Got Better Until They Didn’t.

So that last post was a little stupid, I’ll admit. I think I was probably drinking a little.

This one isn’t going to be any better, but I’m sober. Buckle up.

Since I last wrote, I managed to revise the first half-ish of my book enough to submit it to my writing group for their thoughts. I’m actually pretty proud of myself for making progress in that regard.

Since then, I’ve continued looking at it and staring at it an revising parts I’ve already done, which is my MO. But I’m trying to stay on track. A personal issue yesterday that’s bleeding into today has me in a bit of a tizzy, but I’ve left the house and I’m trying to do something today. I have no freelance work to do, so it’s just me and myself and my Beck Stuff, which makes me both pleased and uncomfortable. Also, I’m quite sad, due to aforementioned personal issue, so I’m having a hard time focusing.

I may try outlining on paper today, a little bit, to see if it gives me some clarity.

Still waiting on two of my submissions to get rejected. That’s annoying.

Boring and stupid! Just like I predicted in the beginning.


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