“Normalcy” is an 8-Letter Word.

So I’ve been to my office twice in the past… *looks at calendar* three weeks. Working from home otherwise. We have a new dog in our house, a little bit of cabin fever, and so far *knocks on wood* no COVID-19.

Practicing law remotely is strange. I can’t explain why; most of what I do is communicating and writing, and that is all done at a computer. Working remotely should be fine. Why isn’t it easier? I don’t know. Ask someone smarter than I am.

I haven’t taken any of this as an opportunity to work on my own stuff, of course. Some things never change. But we do have a new dog friend living with us. My husband figured since we’re home all day, now is a good time to incorporate a new dog into our lives and our home. She’s very cute, but she has no manners, and she keeps trying to play keepaway with my pajama pants.

This post is boring, and not super clever. I’ve just described 90 percent of my blog. If you were considering subscribing, take that assessment into consideration. But hey, 10 percent of it is super fucking witty and cool. Sometimes I even embed pictures or do footnotes.

But not today. Today is a placeholder, and a reminder to myself that there are things out there besides my work and reading books on Kindle Unlimited.


One thought on ““Normalcy” is an 8-Letter Word.

  1. Dennis Capoferri

    In the midst of all my torment and worry about my girlfriend’s high risk job and my one grandson’s high risk job and all the uncertainty about the future and the abject boredom that trades places regularly with the fear, you guys rescued a dog. Thank you for bringing my soul some happiness.

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