First Post of 2021. Nailed It.

A lot has already been said about what happened last week, and I’ve given everything a lot of my thoughts and attention, and so I’m not going to churn out more crap about it here. Suffice it to say that the idiots who stormed the Capitol are fucking walnuts, and watching their “plot” fold in on itself and yield absolutely nothing for them except arrests and the very public tar and feathering of their Dear Supreme Leader was satisfying. Is it over? Probably for Trump, but not for these shitbirds. I’m sure they’ll try to pull some stunt at the inauguration and if Trump isn’t convicted of something or impeached or dead by 2024, he’ll run again.

But whatever. Shit idiots. I feel sorry – almost – for the people who just went down there to hold signs and cheer. Thousands of people were there that day, but it was just a few dozen pricks who did The Thing, and now everyone who engaged in ordinary political protest – protected protest – is sucked in with them. Then again, I can’t feel that sorry for them. Tangerine Asshole is literally the worst president in the history of presidents. He has supporters that assaulted a black woman, pepper spraying her in the face and yanking off her wig and holding her hostage, demanding to know who she voted for. They beat a cop to death with a fire extinguisher. They entered a government building with zip ties and firearms. And they weren’t protesting oppression or brutality. They were protesting voting results with NO EVIDENCE OF FRAUD. Everyone’s lying but him, right? They’re all in on it?

That’s what he brings out in people.

Anyway… fuck Trump. I hope he learns something from this, but he probably won’t. Moving on.

I’ve actually submitted three stories to three different markets since the new year began, so I’m off to a pretty good start. I hope to have three shiny new rejections by St. Patrick’s Day. I also hope to submit many more things this year, and finish writing a novel, finally. I’d like to get a COVID vaccine and be able to go hang out with my friends inside a bar again without worrying that people will die. I further hope that the extreme fringe elements of our society dwindle and fade, and that the new government helps the people and works with the people and for the people. I’d like to look back on this post a year from now and say, that was the start to a pretty good year. Here’s to hoping.

If, in January 2022, I’m in a bunker somewhere because the world crashed and burned, I probably won’t have Internet access, so none of this will matter.


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