Now Things are Just Getting Silly

Still boiling hot. We went to the Catskills last weekend and it was so nice and cool. Be more like the Catskills, Philadelphia. I’m sick of you.

Had a shit time at work yesterday. Things were actually okay until about 3pm when I got an email that pissed me off, and then I got more pissed off after I got home by various circumstances. Suffice it to say that being the mature adult human that I am, I remained pissed off about it until five seconds ago, when I realized I was still pissed off about it. It hasn’t quite been 24 hours, but close. Ah, feelings.

So, I’m hot, and I’m pissed off. On the bright side, I have air conditioning and therapy. I’m very fortunate. These are small things that privilege affords that we don’t really think about. I recall a time when I was pissed off and also had no money, and that was much worse. So I’m going to have to get over my pissed-offedness to enjoy what I have. AC, free time, food, a laptop. I need to stop emoting like I have nothing. Yes, I’m allowed to be pissed off. I’m allowed to be unhappy and have hurt feelings and be anxious and worried and all that shit. We’re entitled to our feelings. But I have control over how I react to them. I used to think that I didn’t, but I know I do. I’m still learning how, but I’ll keep trying.

You can do it, too. I believe in you.


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