Shoveling Snow, Shoveling Bullshit, Shoveling Food in my Face.

So the city of Philadelphia is closed today because of the “winter storm.” I have to say that while it is snowing outside, it certainly is not a winter storm. I’ve been living here for five years, and I’m still confused about why, as a northeastern city, we don’t have better snow procedures. I know it’s warmer here than back home, and that historically it’s gotten less snow, but it’s still pretty close to the ocean and feels effects of nor’easters. Get more plows, Philly. Get more salt trucks. Teach your people how to drive better. Something.

For my part, I’m working from home today because I have a tiny ass city car with skinny run-flat sporty tires that suck in this weather. I like our car for a lot of reasons (it’s so easy to park, gat damn), but I don’t think I would ever get one if we still lived in Michigan. The poor dear is useless in the snow. You hear me, Vader (yes, the car is named Vader)? USELESS.

So I was working on some lawyer stuff and I got really pissed off all over again reading a transcript for a deposition where I got really pissed off, so I took a break and here I am. I’ve been a very bad recreational writer lately. I haven’t written a thing in weeks. I have been reading a lot, which I think is important, but have writ not a word. With the holidays and work and the dog being old and needing things and my being lazy, who has the time?

But since I’m snowed in (ha ha), I may get to it. My plan is to go shovel the walk so I don’t get a ticket or get sued by someone falling and breaking their ass in front of my house, and then make some more tea, and then try to finish the project I was working on for my real job, and then after that, maybe I’ll give the novel a whirl. I made cinnamon swirl bread this morning to reward myself for cleaning the kitchen, so I’ll probably have some of that, too.

Sorry for the boring post. I’m boring most of the time and I’m having more difficulty hiding it today.

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