So Organized! Not Really.

Quick bit of news – my submission to DarkFuse was returned to me unread with a message that the magazine is on hiatus and they’re not looking at anything. Wonk wonk.

I still feel weird having a blog, because I doubt anyone finds what I have to say interesting, but since I’m out and about in Philly to commence with a day of writing, I figured I’d start here. As ever, it warms me up, in a way, to be in the mood to get going.

It’s sort of a method of organization, albeit an abstract one. Because of the way my withered little brain has learned to work, I have a hard time getting started on projects. The result is that I don’t get started on projects. So I find a thing, like a ritual, to commence. For example, when I’m at my Big Kid Job, and I’m being really avoidant (avoidical?) about a particular project I have to do, I’ll get up and clean my desk. I go through everything on it and take care of small things. Once my desk is clean, I write a list. Then I feel comfortable starting.

So for the writing, nothing was really working until I started this website. Now, I can write a post (even if it’s a piece of shit like this one) and it jumpstarts my direction. So I’m at Steap & Grind in Fishtown. There’s usually seating, even when it’s busy, because it’s mostly just people passing through after being in the park or because they didn’t feel like waiting in line at La Colombe. It’s a really nice place with a LOT OF TEAS. Like a metric shit ton of types of tea. I don’t drink coffee, so to me, this is really a nice detail. It’s kind of loud in here right now, so I might just turn my music up so that my earphones make me deaf.

Done babbling. Bye.

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